Yesterday, I went to Fullerton Arboretum at the city of Fullerton to take some pictures. It is a 26-acre botanical garden with a collection of plants from around the world, located on the northeast corner of the Cal State Fullerton, around 20 minutes driving from my location. This is a nice place to take a leisurely stroll. There is a little waterfall as you walk in, little streams, a pond, many plants and flowers, orange trees, and tons of shaded benches scattered throughout the area for you to relax on. Unfortunately, the day I went was awfully hot, 82 F degree in February! Nevertheless, I did take some photos of the plants and flowers there. Small place but enjoyable. This is the tip of a leaf I saw:


Most of the plants are arranged in their themes. And they have catnip:


This location is nice for families, children, dates, and more.  Now, to flowers. I saw a variety of flowers there. My camera kept pointing to them whenever possible. The magnolias were in full bloom:


Lovely white daisy and below is those white small flowers. I found its name: white Alyssum. They are planted and organized down below where you have to really sit down close to watch them.



The Arboretum has a potting shed and a small visitors center run by volunteers. They sell plants which are grown on the premises.


Parking and admission are both free. There are plenty of parking spots to choose. The more you walk in, the sooner you realize that it’s a great place for a stroll or just to relax and decompress. I’ve seen many benches throughout to rest and just take in the scenery.


Unfortunately, I was sweating only after 30-45 minutes wandering around to take photos, thanks to the hot weather. Hence, I had to leave early at noon, went to a Starbucks nearby and had lunch. Nevertheless, I’d love to recommend this place to anyone who love nature. Admission is free, but they ask for a small donation to maintain the arboretum. I’d come back again to this place for sure.



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