Hi there,

Today is such a lazy day for me. I have nothing special to do but wander around the city and set foot to a comic store that I’ve never gone inside. It was my first time ever!

It’s called Comics Toons N’ Toys, located inside a small strip mall on Newport Ave. I’ve had several chances to walk by but never gone inside. Probably because I was never interested in comics for real. Not until I befriended (accidentally) with a silent comic artist. So anyway, I actually went in and check it out. And what I said to myself is “Wow!”. The inside is super organized with tons of comics, old and new. Sorry if the image is a bit blurring:



To the right of the store is the new release shelves, where they put the new release comics on when they’re available:


I tried to ask for certain issues; unfortunately, they didn’t have them at store. The customer service was good, actually much better than I thought. The employee didn’t pressure me into buying stuff when I said I would come back later for other new issues. The prices, I believe is reasonable. So if you love comics, definitely check it out. They also have a small section of manga. In fact, they have it all here: comics, manga, collectible statues, masks, toys, etc.




They opened every day of the week:


Whether you’re a comic aficionado or just someone interested in the genre, this store is designed for everyone in mind.



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