For the past two days I’ve thought of the word “destiny”, don’t know why but I keep thinking and thinking about it. Destiny is a predetermined course of events or a predetermined future, that’s the way people put it. I talked with somebody, that person is always so sure of herself that she doesn’t believe in destiny. When I was younger, I was also that determined when talking about those things. Nevertheless, the more I live and experience, the more I keep thinking about it. Why some people born in a particular house, with certain people? Some is lucky to be born under rich and kind family members, some are not. Some are beautiful, some are not. Something that’s totally out of our control, even totally out of the common sense can happen. And when it does, life takes its course without us knowing ahead.

I feel so sad, desperate, got to see and hear such strangest things, dealing with the unknown terror, dealing with physical pain with no direct cause. A man told me I was having depression for many many times, he was worried about me. He’s still worried about me, and that moved me somehow. It’s funny how two strange people meet each other and somehow connect to one another. It’s also funny, ironic how two people that were closely linked with one another in the past would someday never meet the other person again. Still, what is destiny?








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